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'Not So Plain Jane' will be traveling throughout the summer visiting some of the most significant areas that played an important part in the iconic author's short life. Winchester, Basingstoke and Bath all remain strong footnotes in Austen's history and this new contemporary portrait of Jane Austen will be displayed for the public to engage and consider a fresh interpretation of one of their most famous daughters.

There is potential for an even more significant displaying of 'Not So Plain Jane' as a memorable family reunion could be in the offing. What better venue than outside of the National Portrait Gallery to hold an exclusive exhibition of 'Not so Plain Jane'.  This pop up exhibition will aim to stand as close to the gallery without stepping on this prestigious institution's delicate toes. Hopefully this will pose an interesting prospect for the museum visitors having an opportunity to view 'Not So Plain Jane' in close proximity to her rather more famous artistic ancestors. In particular the captivating water colour of Jane Austen by her sister Cassandra, there is nothing quite like a good old fashioned family reunion. 





Disclaimer: In no way does @ mean inside or affiliated with any exhibition programme organized with the National Portrait Galley. In all fairness we didn’t make contact with the Institution regarding a possible collaboration because we aren’t that stupid. 'Not So Plain Jane' will be exhibited in close proximity. PS National Portrait gallery we come in peace.

                           Jane Austen

by Cassandra Austen
pencil and watercolour, circa 1810
4 1/2 in. x 3 1/8 in. (114 mm x 80 mm)

Not So Plain Jane

by Mark Michael

Acrylic on Canvas 2017
50cm x 40cm


Stop by, see JANE and listen to GREAT music.  What more could you want from a Saturday?

Just in case you happened to have missed our Winchester leg of the 'Not So Plain Jane' pop up exhibitions, do not fret because you can still come along to see 'Not So Plain Jane' at The Winchester Market. YES Jane has her own gazebo for 1 DAY ONLY. She will be waiting for you. 




The nature of the beast  regarding open air pop up exhibitions is that there are no guarantees especially without what you would call PERMISSION. This is a list of where we hope to exhibit 'Not So Plain Jane' so that if you are intrigued and would like to drop by to show some support. Jane will be waiting!

Unofficially official, 'Not So Plain Jane' will be appearing in Bath and Winchester in and around these events and areas. Keep an eye out, dates to follow.

Familt RE anchor

It's unofficially official. 2017's most unconventional family reunion takes place this summer outside of the National Portrait Gallery.  It will be a unique opportunity, a very special meeting to celebrate the bicentennial of Jane Austen's Death.

The basic premise for ‘Not So Plain Jane’ was born, in a way as a byproduct of artist Simon's long standing relationship as contributor to SMUG magazine. As the artist and magazine’s editor Lady Wench both believed that marking Jane Austen’s  bicentenary would be significant, a fresh take on the author’s image was set to be conceived.


Simon's reimagining of the author’s image was born and Winchester’s seemingly untouchable saintly great great-grandmother had her face lifted, quite literally onto a silver platter. ‘Not So Plain Jane’ will appear on the cover of the 5th issue of SMUG magazine that is released in June.

If you are interested in pre-ordering issue 5 or purchasing back issues of the magazine hit the button below.


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jane tour
If  you are in the neighborhood Not So Plain Jane will be appearing at Fringe Arts Bath 2017. She will be waiting for you. 

26th MAY  -  11TH JUNE

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